Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence Oy is a Finnish wearables technology startup established in the beginning of 2017.

Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence Oy provides tools to measure physical forces while doing sports, during the exercise and while working, and translates them into quantitative, valuable and actionable intelligence. In the 1st phase, we focus on the forces acting towards head, where our goal is to improve the health and well-being of persons who are exposed to the risk of concussion while doing sports or working in short, medium and long term.

Our first product is ACT, Head Impact Tracker, which is simple, very easy to use, inclusive and affordable head impact measuring device which can be used in virtually all sports and work. ACT is designed to give you more information that matters, and help you to make better informed decisions on what to do next.

Why you should use ACT, Head Impact Tracker? In case of an incident involving an impact on a head, ACT gives you information on what happened and helps you to make right decisions on what to do next. It is your brain we are talking about. Don’t fool around with it.